01. Logistics

  • Cargo transportation

We deliver goods: East to West, North to South; any where around the island. We provide a reliable and dependable service to out customers.

  • Vehicle transportation

We deliver your dream vehicle safely to your doorstep, also we will be there to assist you in every kind of a breakdown 24/7.

  • Moving services

Move your home or site safely and securely to anywhere in the country with our expertise. We assure smooth reallocation with our trained team.  

02. Agriculture mechanization services

  • Land preparation services for cultivation

We offer wet and dry land preparation with our skilled operators using machineries which were customized for Sri Lankan soil. 

  • Crop harvesting services

We make harvesting easy and economical with our advanced machines operated by skilled operators who are specialized in cost saving.

03- Farming

 Developing a model farm concept with new technological machinery along with agro tourism.

  • Coconut cultivation

A model coconut plantation is being maintained at our farm for new research and development activities on mechanization of coconut cultivation.

  • Ornamental fish farming

A more healthy and colorful ornamental fish breeding program is currently underway by providing natural quality food.

  • Vegetable and fruit cultivation

We are developing a set of techniques to increase the yield of fruits and vegetables cultivated using minimum space with use of technologically advanced machines.   

04- Plastic recycling

Providing a complete solution through recycling, to stop the environmental pollution caused by all types of plastic.

05- Renewable energy

Development of a system at rural level to solve the national energy crisis using six renewable energy sources.